Critical analysis of Evelyn Conlon's work

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  • 2020 - Analysis of Evelyn Conlon’s “What Happens at Night” (2014): Revolution, Art and Memory in Revolutionary Ireland, 1916-2016: Historical Facts & Social Transformations Re-assessed, Constanza del Río & José Carregal (eds.)
  • 2020 - Fictions of Migration in Contemporary Britain and Ireland by Carmen Zamorano Llena. The fictional work of authors such as Caryl Phillips, Colum McCann, Abdulrazak Gurnah, Rose Tremain, Elif Shafak, and Evelyn Conlon is analysed from a variety of perspectives, including transculturality, cosmopolitanism, and Afropolitanism, so as to emphasise how their work fosters an understanding of national literature, as well as of individual and collective identities, based on transborder interconnectivity.
  • 2017 - Interview in Atlantis, Journal of the Spanish Association of English Studies, AEDEAN (Asociación Española de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos).
  • 2017.03.17 - Analysis of work by M. Teresa Caneda-Cabrera:Women on the Move: Mobility in Evelyn Conlon’s Fiction.
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Journal Article: Evelyn Conlon in Women on the Move: Mobility in Evelyn Conlon’s Fiction.

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