Evelyn Conlon

Evelyn Conlon is an Irish novelist and short story writer.

She is an elected member of Aosdána, the Irish association which honours distinguished artistic work. She has been writer-in-residence in colleges in many countries, at University College Dublin and is currently Adjunct Professor and Mentor with Carlow University Pittsburgh MFA.

Born in Co. Monaghan, she lives in Dublin and has a deep interest in Australia where she lived in the early 1970s. A clear-sighted, observant and unsentimental thinker, her work is marked by originality and wit.

Evelyn Conlon's most recent novel Not the Same Sky  (2013 & 2015) steps back in time to tell the story of four young women who were among the 4,000 orphaned Irish girls shipped to Australia following the Great Famine of 1847.

She observes them on the voyage, examines their relationship with Surgeon Superintendent Charles Strutt, and follows them from Sydney as they become women of Australia, negotiating their new circumstances with emotion, imagination and pragmatism.

An elegant and subtle novel, this is a powerful tale of memory and the ability of the mind to shut out the past. It uses a stark, poetic intensity suffused with understated humour to shape its characters' human presence and historical importance. A conscientious researcher, her talks in Australian Universities addressed the topic ‘Corridors of Truth, what Fiction adds to History’.

not the same sky by evelyn conlon

Her earlier novel, Skin of Dreams, shortlisted for Irish Novel of the year, dealt with the profundity of Capital Punishment, and brought her on to Death Row in the United States. Previous novels Stars in the Daytime and A Glassful of Letters explore the social and political dilemmas which mould personalities, lives, loves and hates. She has published three collections of short stories, My Head is OpeningTaking Scarlet as a Real Colour, the title story of which was performed at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival, and Telling - New and Selected short stories. These have been widely anthologised and translated into Italian, French, German and Tamil. Telling has been published in Chinese as a Classic Collection.

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Skin of Dreams by Evelyn Conlon

Purchasing, E-Books and Reprints

Books available online: Not the Same Sky, Skin of Dreams, Cutting the Night in Two, Telling and A Glassful of Letters.

Telling and A Glassful of Letters were republished by Books Upstairs in 2015

Not the Same Sky is available as a kindle ebook.