A Glassful of Letters

Blackstaff Press, 1998

“This meticulously observant second novel from Conlon alternates between epistolary chapters and narratives in the first or third person … Conlon writes with sane, sober wit; her lucid prose is pithy without falling into epigrams”. –Publishers Weekly

“Conlon’s characters are decidedly average and ‘normal’, yet through them she disrupts this apparently calm untroubled surface to pose some very complex questions. The role of the family, of men and women within it, desire and need, is the focal point for the novelist. She succeeds in delivering a highly vibrant, contemporary perspective and has struck a seam of complexities and contradictions buried within the apparently mundane”. –Irish Studies Review (Charles University, Prague).

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“…funny and hopeful, sometimes despairing, in the manner of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening … Told by means of letters interwoven with the perceptive comments … Quietly passionate, the novel is romantic but no stock romance. Rather, Conlon unfolds the seemingly simple psyche of an ordinary married woman to display a rich and complex intellectual and emotional life. -Bonnie Johnston, Booklist

French translation – Mots Croisés

French Translation of A Glassful of Letters: Mots Croisés