Taking Scarlet as a Real Colour

Blackstaff Press, 1993

‘Love, sex, betrayal, emptiness, fullness and pleasure’ are the themes of this outstanding new collection of short stories from Irish writer Evelyn Conlon. Taut, bold and raw, they tackle the nature of power and control in personal relationships, confronting the tensions of today’s Ireland through a combination of canny observation and wry, pointed humour. Speaking in tones of anger, tenderness and regret, Conlon’s characters draw the reader deep into their emotional experience … Hypocrisy is challenged at every level, with harsh truths and small wonders emerging from the ordinary lives of men and women, in these fine stories from a uniquely humane writer. -National Library of Australia

“A dozen well-crafted stories in which love, death, sex and politics are treated with uncompromising honesty and wit …  Conlon is a fine writer. Her characters are articulate, passionate and frequently funny, and her prose is a delight in itself”. –The Sunday Times, London.

“…a first-rate collection full of original insights and characters” –Publishers Weekly


The undeathing of Gertrude; Beatrice; On the inside of cars; A little remote; The park; The boy from Dingwall; Birth certificates; Rosaleen Raftery at Rosario’s Tech; Given time; The last confession; Petty crime; Taking scarlet as a real colour [or And Also Susan …]