Evelyn Conlon’s Telling includes nine completely new stories alongside ten of the best of her previously published tales. It is a triumphant demonstration of the continuing dynamism of one of Ireland’s most boldly original writers who deserves to be better known. Her characters experience at first hand the infuriating way life defies all our attempts to control it … bleak moments of self-discovery are counterpointed with stories of characteristically wry humor, with Conlon poking fun at self-appointed arbiters of taste and uncovering with deft irony the double standards that continue to bedevil dealings with men and women everywhere.

“Conlon is a wise, witty and sensual writer and her earlier work has stood the test of time. She tackles all sorts of themes, one here being the thorny issue of adoption. In ‘Escaping the Celtic Tiger, World Music and the Millenium’ she takes a satirical swipe at Ireland’s new found prosperity and pseudo-cosmopolitan status. All of this is done with such skill – a caustic aside here, a sharp witted observation there – that the effect is thoroughly entertaining”. Sunday Tribune (Ireland, national Sunday press).

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A night out;  Telling;  The sound of twin;  The park;  Taking scarlet as a real colour (or And also, Susan);  The long drop;  A little remote;  The tour;  According to Michael;  The undeathing of Gertrude;  Two good time;  On the inside of cars;  Furthermore, Susan … ;  Beatrice;  Birth certificates;  Petty crime;  Park-going days;  The last confession;  Escaping the Celtic Tiger, world music and the millennium